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You can! L'avenir d'Auroville wants to hear from you. What are your ideas for the development of Auroville - from communities, public buildings and houses to citywide issues like mobility, pollution control, sustainability, aesthetics, what needs a re-design? L'avenir invites you to put your ideas on the map.

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That is exactly the kind of idea we would like you to submit. That is what we want to know. What do YOU want in YOUR area?

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The maps used are general maps, should you need a more specific map of a particular area of Auroville, please come to our office in Town Hall.

Please note that the ideas published here are the contributions of you and other website visitors, while we will take them all into consideration they are not necessarily the views of L'avenir d'Auroville.

Submitted by Juan
- Existence
Wouldn't it be great if people (including children and youth) could vote important decisions online without physically attending meetings?
Where? "Town hall"
So that people could This could stimulate tremendously the collective dialogue and evolution. By considering the opinions of youth and children, we can hugely increase our perspectives on topics, and would stimulate the need to inform them and empower them towards life.
Because I want the city to be
And I think we could provide funding by
Submitted by A dreamer in the City the Earth needs
Wouldn't it be great if Earth from the lake around Matrimandir could build and beautify the city
Where? All over Auroville
So that people could 1. use the fertile top soil for gardening and landscaping. 2. enjoy healthier, cooler and eco-friendly buildings and houses, made with the deeper layers of earth that are rich in clay and suitable for the advanced earth building technologies. 3. drastically reduce the exorbitant cost, as well as the adverse environmental impact of conventional construction methods and materials. 4. instead of transporting and piling this mountain of earth in a single far-off location, distribute it at various building sites, saving largely on cost and heavy truck traffic for construction materials through the city. 5. infuse the vibrations of Matrimandir throughout Auroville! 6. In case the excavated earth is too much for the foreseeable constructions, then one can envision creative elevated landscaping around the lake itself and in the international zone. A hilly landscape in this presently open area would suit and benefit many pavilions... as well as provide the setting for fir trees to grow and call the snow some time in the future, as predicted by the Mother... Won't that be coool?
Because I want the city to be built more and more with the amazing earth construction technologies already in existence in Auroville and those being developed and explored...
And I think we could provide funding by no added funding should be required besides what must be already budgeted for the lake excavation+transport. Only creative thinking, strategic planning, collaboration and goodwill among all stakeholders are needed to save on the environment and huge amounts in building costs!!
Submitted by Anaïs Florquin
- Montpellier (France)
Wouldn't it be great if 10 students from different fields (hydrology, architecture, business, agriculture and so on...) would come up with a project for rainwater harvesting?
Where? In the whole city
So that people could have access to drinking water everywhere and not only at the collective fountains.
Because I want the city to be safe in terms of water resources. In fact, all the users of the groundwater with access to the aquifers at 100 - 300 m depth have already been extracting their requirement. With powerful pumps, at subsidized electricity rates, agricultural users in the surrounding area, even the narrow strip directly along the coast, are removing groundwater at a very high rate to cultivate crops. In addition, a rapidly expanding industrial sector is making excessive demands on the precious water supply. Moreover, because of excessive runoff related to the type of soil and limited surface storage, the aquifers don't fill up anymore, or very little. The first signs of salt-water intrusion into the aquifers are already evident. South of the city, many square kilometers of coastal land have become infertile due to salination. Providing water for the needs of the city and its surrounding agricultural areas by desalinating sea-water is technically possible, but at present too costly to be affordable by the residents. Salination of the groundwater could mean the end of the Auroville Project.
And I think we could provide funding by presenting the project to different organizations.
Submitted by John
- Pony Farm
Wouldn't it be great if l'Avenir started a naming competition
Where? for all the roads and paths in Auroville
So that people could give directions using road names
Because I want the city to be intelligent
And I think we could provide funding by no need for funding.
Submitted by Nikolay Novomlinskiy
- Moscow, Russia
Wouldn't it be great if will be more trees along the Auroville roads +15 ideas more
Where? Auroville- Kuilapalayam road, for example + most parts
So that people could Use the roads even at siesta. Having a fun, using the channels etc peer into the attached file, please.
Because I want the city to be canope happy.
And I think we could provide funding by